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Worksite & Oil Field Injuries

Client Background / Legal Issue Faced:

Paralyzed Miner Wins Worksite Injury Case

A miner’s life was changed forever simply by following orders on the job. The miner was sent into an unsafe area of the mine, and shortly after, a large rock fell on his piece of equipment, leaving him paralyzed and with brain damage. He reached out to the team of attorneys at Cok Kinzler, who won $22 million on his behalf to compensate for his medical costs and overall impact on his livelihood.

Area of Practice:

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Worksite & Oil Field Injuries

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Overview of Cok Kinzler & their practice areas:

At Cok Kinzler, we work to protect the safety of our community by serving as advocates for those who have been harmed – mentally, physically, or financially – by the actions of others. As personal injury attorneys, it’s our responsibility to fight this battle for our clients using our knowledge and experience. Our primary areas of practice include auto accident injuries, environment pollution contamination, gas & propane leaks, insurance disputes & bad faith, medical malpractice, product liability, trucking accident injuries, worksite & oil field injuries, and wrongful death.

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