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Environment Pollution Contamination

When your land or property has been impacted by environmental pollution, it poses a risk to the value and health of your resources. Whether residential or commercial property, Cok Kinzler can help you seek reparations.

Has Your Property Been Impacted by Environmental Pollution?

The attorneys at Cok Kinzler regularly litigate issues concerning environmental pollution and contamination, protecting our clients against the wrongful practices of power plants, oil companies, mining companies, and railroad corporations.

We understand the personal nature of this particular violation, when people’s homes, businesses, and lives are invaded by toxic chemicals, and they feel they have little control. The diminished value of the poisoned property is an injury that may threaten to rob you of the value of years of mortgage payments and hard work.

We’ll work with you to find solutions – to get your land cleaned up and the value of your property back.

Common Causes of Pollution and Contamination

Since 2007, Montana has seen a sharp increase in fuel production, resulting in a rise in pollution and contamination from drilling practices such as fracking. Chemicals placed into the earth during these processes can contaminate the groundwater relied upon by residents around the state. Another culprit is diesel fuel from railroad practices. Because diesel fuel from trains often seeps into the groundwater, the water can become contaminated.

As in so much of our firm's work, our attorneys are very familiar with the litigation strategies of large corporate players. We have many years of experience preparing large contamination cases for trial, and our opponents know our reputation for success.

If you suspect environmental pollution or contamination has occurred on your land, contact a Bozeman environmental pollution lawyer from Cok Kinzler.

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