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Insurance Disputes & Bad Faith

Montanans pay thousands of dollars each year for insurance with the promise that it will benefit them when they need it most. But when an insurance claim is wrongfully denied, you may feel left to cover a hefty bill on your own. That’s where we can help.

When An Insurance Claim is Wrongfully Denied

Cok Kinzler’s attorneys are often called upon by people who are confused when their insurance company refuses to honor an insurance claim. Despite faithfully paying their premiums, some are left to pay a large price tag when their insurance companies insist on finding an excuse not to cover their claims. When this happens, we are proud to assist our clients in their battle to enforce their rights under their insurance contract, whether it be auto insurance, health insurance, or disability benefits.

Using Montana Law to Enforce Your Rights

Often in these situations, it’s clear that the insurance claim has been wrongfully denied; the policy either clearly covers the claim or the policy language is purposely left ambiguous by the insurance company. Fortunately, in these cases, Montana laws are written to protect the consumer. In some cases, the state of Montana requires specific obligations of insurance companies that other states don’t enforce.

At Cok Kinzler, we aggressively litigate these cases to make sure our clients are treated fairly by the insurance company. Our clients have met their side of the bargain as policyholders; we make sure insurance companies meet theirs.

Many insurance companies have access to large teams of attorneys. We’re here to help you level the playing field. If your insurance claim was denied, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Bozeman insurance dispute attorneys.

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