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Why It’s Important to See a Doctor After You Experience a Personal Injury

June 15,2021

When you're hurt after a crash, workplace incident, or use of a product, it can be hard to pinpoint your injuries even within the days following the incident. While some injuries, like a broken arm, might be obvious right away, some present themselves much later, after the shock and adrenaline has worn off. You may have injuries you're unaware of, and seeing a healthcare professional is the best way to understand the full extent of what your body has gone through. Here's why it's essential to see a doctor after you experience a personal injury.

You'll Troubleshoot Hidden Injuries

After an accident, you might shake it off and think you're fine, only to have symptoms appear later. Once the adrenaline wears off, your vitals return to normal, and you might start feeling aches and pains you didn't notice in the heat of the moment. Whiplash—the rapid snapping back and forth of your neck – often a result of a rear-end car accident – can start to show symptoms 24 hours after the neck trauma happens.

And though spine injuries seem like they would be immediately obvious, they can often take a while to make themselves known, according to the Mayo Clinic. That's not something you want to mess around with when it comes to your back, since serious spinal injuries can lead to loss of sensation or loss of movement in entire areas of your body.

Minor Irritants Can Become Major Issues

In that same vein, adrenaline leaving your system can make you aware that minor pain might not be so minor after all. If you hit your head, it's especially important to see a doctor. Symptoms of a concussion—confusion, discomfort, dizziness—can be slight, but you'll want to get your physician's take on it. Repeat head injuries can have devastating effects down the line. Even small scrapes and cuts can become infected if not treated properly. Don't self-diagnose; it's best to rely on your doctor for that.

You'll Have a Stronger Insurance Claim

Most states allow people involved in accidents to file bodily injury insurance claims against the at-fault driver. But your insurance company may require you to see a doctor within a certain period of time in order to be eligible for claim benefits. This will give you the best chance of a payout if needed to cover your medical bills, whether from your own insurance or the responsible party's.

You'll Be Prepared to Make a Legal Case If You Need One

If you find yourself suffering from an injury, you don't want to be stuck with sky-high medical bills for an incident, especially if it wasn't your fault. Getting diagnosed after an incident can help you make a case for compensation for medical costs. It provides you with medical records and an expert opinion—important things to have if you decide to seek justice and get help with your future medical costs. Seeking medical attention right away is key, even if it's just on the off chance that you'll need to pursue payment later.

And if you do, that's where the skilled attorneys at Cok Kinzler come in. You lay the groundwork for a successful case by seeking medical attention after an incident, and then they follow up with the legal work and logistics. That way, you can focus on getting healthy while the professionals pursue what's owed to you. To get in touch for a free consultation, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

The content in this blog is to provide you with information on what to do in the event of personal injury but should not be taken as legal advice.